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About Our School

The mission of South Miami Senior High School is to prepare students for the experiences of lifelong learning necessary for productive citizenship. South Miami Senior High School believes that a safe, nurturing, educational atmosphere which requires high academic performance and achievement must provide students with the opportunity to explore new challenges, to take risks, to set and achieve goals, to expand their sense of worth, and to make contributions to both their school and community. It is our mission to provide this environment and promote success for all our students.

Our schools vision is “Preparing students to succeed in tomorrow’s global community.”

South Miami Senior High School is dedicated to student achievement. We work diligently to increase access for parents and students to advanced academic courses. Additionally, we strive to increase Special Education (SPED) student participation in regular education classes, as well as, encourage English Language Learners (ELL) students to take advanced courses. Reading development is another fundamental aspect in ensuring increased student achievement for all students. Emphasis is given to reading across the curriculum for this purpose. South Miami Senior High honors the diversity of our community by working as a team to ensure the educational success of all our students, with integrity, honesty, respect, and fairness.