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Fine & Performing Arts
The Fine and Performing Arts program at South Miami Senior High is designed to enhance the growth of students in perception, appreciation, and knowledge of the visual and performance arts. Art teaches an interpretation of the relation of the individual to his or her culture and reflects their feelings, emotions and values in the art form produced. The program develops the understanding of art and visual and performance relationships and exerts a positive influence in making students more sensitive to the things they see, use, or create. With all this in mind, the department is fully committed to helping our students succeed in tomorrow's global community.

South Miami Senior High offers dance classes for beginning and advanced levels in different styles of dance.  South Miami Senior High is home to the Cobra Charmers, our signature dance performance troupe that has traveled the country performing. 

Theater Choice Program
As part of our curriculum, South Miami Senior High's Theater Program has an annual play and musical. We have produced a variety of title show productions. The Theater Choice program offers students the opportunity to study acting, musical theater, and technical theater for beginning and advanced alike. Unlike several other high school theater programs, South Miami Senior High welcomes students with all levels of theater experience. Students are provided with everything they need to perform in our productions from the first day of rehearsal to the closing night of the show. We have a staff of professionals including vocal coaches and choreographers who will support your student throughout the rehearsal process to ensure performance success. 

How to Apply:
  1. Bring the completed Parent Choice Transfer Form to the student's current/home-school for administrators to sign.
  2. At the school site, the parent/guardian will be advised of the Region Office that will process and finalize the request.
  3. Auditions are not required for entrance, however students will be auditioned for placement after enrollment.​​​​​​​

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