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Applying to College

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Common APP

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Breaking Down the College Application

What You'll Need (3)

  • Your basic information, including Social Security number
  • Extracurricular activities information
  • A completed FAFSA
  • Money for an application fee, typically anywhere from $35 to $70
  • Your high school transcript
  • Admission test scores—ACT, SAT
  • Advanced Placement (AP) test scores
  • Your entrance essay (see school website for specific questions/prompts/requirements)
  • Recommendation letters (if required)
  • Auditions/portfolios for art or performing art school entrance

A Good Entrance Essay (3)

What makes for a good entrance essay/personal statement for a college application? Though each prompt is different, universally effective essays contain the following:

  • Examples that show a student's abilities instead of just listing them
  • A unique title and attention-grabbing introduction
  • A first-person story or account that shows a student's narrowed, academic focus
  • Knowledge of the school the student is applying to
  • Polished writing that is free from grammatical errors and misspellings

Things to Avoid (3,4)

  • Don't miss deadlines!
  • Check every application for typos or misspellings.
  • Get a professional-sounding e-mail address that includes part of your name. Don't apply using "spanky1234@yahoo.com."
  • Don't let your parents or friends write your applications or essays for you.
  • Don't forget to sign your applications, digitally or physically, lest they sit in admissions labeled "incomplete."
  • Delete inappropriate social media comments or photos (but remember, they may still be out there)

Standing Out

Worried your well-prepared app might go unnoticed? Here are some tips for ensuring your application stands out among the rest. (5)

  • Write vivid and original entry essays that are detail oriented.
  • Show in your writing that you've done your research about the university and its programs.
  • Include supplemental materials like writing samples, newspaper clippings of activities, or proof of volunteer work.
  • Don't go overboard with extra material, but enough to show you've put in effort.
  • Make an attempt to regularly check in with the school's admissions office so that they recognize your interest. Source from CollegeChoice.net