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Cobra FAQ

Is there bullying?

Everyone tends to mind their own business unless you involve then in yours.  Don’t believe the movies.  No, you’re not going to get pushed into a locker or have your head dunked in the toilet.  But, if you feel threatened or harassed by anyone, immediately report it to a teacher, counselor, or administrator. South Miami has ZERO TOLERANCE for bullying.


What is lunch like?

There are three cafeterias.  During lunch you can walk around the school and just do what you want.  You can also go to the library to read and use the computers.  Also, if you’re alone during lunch no one is going to look at you as “lame” or a “loser”. Actually, some students prefer to be alone to listen to music or study for a test.


How do I find my classes? 

Starting a new school is scary, especially when you don’t know where anything is and the first few days can be overwhelming.  Ask teachers and security guards for help.  It may seem as if everybody else knows where they are going, but trust me, they don’t either.


How do I find my bus at the end of the day?

The busses drop-off and pick up at the front of the school. Listen to the announcements for any bus changes.  Don’t delay after the bell.  The busses leave quickly.


Do you have to wear a uniform?

 Yes!  We are expected to wear the uniform every day, but you don’t have to wear a polo shirt.  You can wear a t-shirt in orange, brown, or white or you can show your school pride and purchase a school t-shirt from the Activities Office.  School t-shirts are available for purchase at Freshman Orientation and throughout the year.  On Fridays you can wear jeans with a uniform shirt for $1.


Is the uniform policy enforced?

 School uniforms ARE enforced.  Uniform sweeps occur randomly.  Make sure that you stay in uniform if you don’t want to get in trouble.



Do I need to get a tablet?

You will need a tablet or a laptop for many of your classes all year. If you decide to get a school tablet, you will want one sooner rather than later. The tablets are given out on a first- come- first- served basis and the better tablets go quickly. The fees are $5 if you qualify for free lunch, $10 for reduced lunch, and $20 if you don’t qualify for either.


Should I get the insurance?

This is a personal decision but you will be held financially responsible for any issues such as a lost charger or cracked screen.


How can I join a club?

A few weeks after school starts, the school will host Club Rush Week during lunch.  This is your chance to gather information and sign up for the various clubs that South Miami has to offer. It is important to get involved, so don’t forget to check it out!


How can I join a sport? 

Keep your eye out for posters and flyers around the school for orientation meeting dates.  The first meeting is important because you will get information about insurance, physicals and practice times.

Thanks to Ms. Ruiz's student for compiling the questions and answers.